6 Benefits of Cedar Roof Shingles

by | Dec 5, 2018 | Roofer

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Depending on the style chosen, Cedar Roof Shingles may bring a tailored or rustic look to the home’s exterior. With tones ranging from gold and amber to red and brown, cedar roofing offers natural beauty and long-lasting practicality. Used on commercial and residential roofs across the country, cedar roofing is available in shake and shingle formats. Here are the biggest reasons to consider installing a cedar roof.

Increased Dimensional Stability

Because it’s a low-density material that doesn’t shrink, cedar shingles can maintain their original size in high humidity. They stay straight, lie flat, and hold fasteners tightly, which makes for a long-lasting installation.

Resistance to Sun, Wind, and Rain

Cedar roofing is resistant to the elements because it contains natural preservatives. It’s adaptable to a wide range of climatic conditions, and compared to other roofing options, it’s not as likely to grow moss. Various types are factory-treated to be resistant to fire, fungal growth, and insect infestation.

Greater Workability

Cedar used for roofing comes in lightweight lengths with a uniform texture and a straight, fine grain. These attributes make it easy to nail, saw, and cut. For additional convenience, some units come pre-assembled. Cedar roofing will take a variety of finishes, from fine stains and oils to paint and other solid coatings. This can be done at the mill for increased efficiency.


Being one of the toughest woods in the world, cedar is known for its natural durability. It will enhance the structural integrity of the roof, which makes it a smart investment for the home.


Cedar has natural insulating properties, which will help the home stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This may help homeowners save on their monthly heating and cooling bills.

Enhanced Appearance

Aside from its practical advantages, Cedar Roof Shingles offer a timeless, natural look that enhances the home’s curb appeal. While shingles offer a tailored, smooth look, shakes offer a more rough-hewn, rustic appearance. Over time, cedar roofing will acquire a distinguished, silvery gray hue.

With the above characteristics, cedar shakes and shingles offer a naturally practical and versatile roofing option. They make a great addition to any residential roofing project, and they’re a reliable, long-lasting choice. Go online to learn more or visit ACE Roofing & Construction to schedule an estimate. You can also visit them on Twitter for more information.

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