A New Emporia Roof Is Needed, What Modern Materials And Technologies Are Available?

Roofing materials have been the most important part of home building since ancient times. Thatch was used then and continues to be used to this day. Time has seen wood shakes, metal, and other materials used as roofing. Types of materials and technology can roofers in Emporia, KS, offer homeowners.


Insect-resistant wooden shakes, metal roofs that reflect the sun’s rays back into the sky, asphalt shingles able to resist winds of between 150 and 200 mph, solar shingles instead of panels, metal shingles, cool shingles (no, not the Fonz. It’s reflective shingles, are all the newest technology in roofing materials. They save homeowners worry for more years than they would ordinarily have worried.

Synthetic Shingles

Today’s battle cry is “recycle, repurpose, and reuse!” To that end, roofers in Emporia, KS, have access to roofing materials recycled to contain asphalt, clay, fiberglass, and recycled paper. These form shingles that are fire resistant, mold resistant, don’t require much maintenance, and don’t crack or warp.

Architectural Shingles

Manufacturing something made to resemble something else is the hallmark of the home supply industry. Homeowners can get siding that looks like wood along with vinyl floors that look like wood. Why not a roof that looks like wood?

Architectural shingles are made of fiberglass and polymers to resemble wood shingles or slate. They’re lighter than the real thing which takes pounds off the roof supports while adding incredible curb appeal. Business Name is knowledgeable and experienced with any type of roofing, so contact us at website Domain when you need a new roof.

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