Educational Opportunity From a Roofing Company in Wauwatosa WI

Most homeowners are unaware of the roofing process. Many wouldn’t know where to begin if they had to handle a roofing project themselves, or know which questions to ask a roofer when they came in to do the job. A roofing company in Wauwatosa, WI now offers an educational opportunity so residents of the area can become more knowledgeable on the topic and understand the process for future reference.

Free Downloadable Consumer Guide

The opportunity comes in the form of a free downloadable consumer guide. The guide features 21 critical questions that all homeowners should ask their roofers before a project begins. It touches on finances, protection, experience, price, quality compliance, and clean-up.

Licensing Requirements and Questions

Some of the most important things to know refer to licensing requirements. Homeowners need to be aware of which questions to ask to ensure a roofer has the necessary licensing to perform the job duties described. The guide discloses which questions to ask a contractor, such as whether or not they have a business license, do they have a Trade Association Certificate of Good Standing, and if they are insured.


Other important questions refer to the amount of experience a company has to offer. Businesses that just started out may be great, but it is hard for customers to determine that with no track record available. A company with more than 10 years of experience is typically best to utilize. Homeowners should ask about safety training to determine if all employees have been properly trained in safe work practices. They should also know whether or not a foreman will be available to answer questions, or if only the sub-contractors will be present at the job site.

The roofing company in Wauwatosa, WI offering this educational opportunity is providing a major advantage above the competition. Customers get to learn more about the roofing industry and discover the right questions to ask on any future projects, whether they use this roofing company or another.

Visit the website to download the guide and learn more about roofing and the many services included from a professional service.

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