Factors Affecting the Cost of Foundation Repair in Houston, TX

When a home’s foundation settles, it can create severe structural problems. There are methods by which concrete foundations can be repaired without having to start over, and working with a contractor can help homeowners find an affordable solution. If there are questions, you could look here for several factors that affect the cost of House Foundation Repair in Houston TX.

Foundation Issues

A foundation built on poorly compacted or compressible fill soil, or one that’s been improperly maintained, can be damaged as it moves and settles. If there are signs of foundation issues such as doors that fail to close or cracks in the walls, it’s time to call a professional. A damaged foundation can lead to compromised structural integrity, and the longer repairs are delayed the worse the damage will be.

Getting a Structural Report

If there are issues with a home’s foundation, the owner should get a structural report from an engineer. Structural engineers aren’t there to sell solutions, and they offer unbiased opinions on fixing issues as they arise. It’s a good idea to get a structural report and use that information to determine the cost of the repairs.

Slabjacking and Piering

These are two ways to lift a sinking foundation. Piering lifts and supports the concrete from underneath, and the foundation repair company will need to dig deep to solidify the pier before raising it with hydraulics. Slabjacking pumps grout under the foundation to raise it to its proper position. Piering is a more permanent solution because it’s impervious to further earth shifting and house settling.

Foundation Repair and Resale Value

When foundation issues arise, one of the main concerns is that it can ruin the resale value of a home. While it is true that foundation repairs must be disclosed when listing a home for sale, some repairs can be seen as an asset rather than a liability. In areas with known soil issues, having piering installed can solve problems encountered by other homeowners. House Foundation Repair in Houston TX, isn’t just an admission that there’s something wrong with the home, it’s an effort to make the damage right without compromising the home’s structural integrity or its resale value.

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