Fiber Cement Siding Installers in St Paul Can Explain the Advantages of This Material Compared to Wood and Vinyl

by | Jul 26, 2018 | Siding Contractor

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Homeowners sometimes try to decide whether to replace their current siding with wood, vinyl, or fiber cement. There are pros and cons to both. Fiber Cement Siding Installers in St Paul can explain the advantages of this material and why so many homeowners make this choice.

Environmentally Friendly

Fiber cement siding is considered to have a lower negative impact on the environment. It doesn’t require cutting large swaths of timber, although it does have some cellulose content. That cellulose comes from waste wood fibers. The rest of the material consists of sand, clay, cement, and some water is used in the manufacturing process.

Resistance Characteristics

Fiber Cement Siding Installers in St Paul appreciate the material for its resistance to fire. It will not start on fire even when a flame is applied to the material. High heat will not damage it either, as can happen if somebody uses a barbecue grill too close to vinyl siding. This type of siding also is resistant to insects, fading, and other damage caused by ultraviolet light and fungal growth. It is very durable.


The product can be manufactured to imitate different materials, making it versatile for various home designs. For instance, it can be made to look almost exactly like wood. It is available in long panels and in a shingle-like style shaped as squares, rectangles, or half-round panels. The siding can help a house to look historic or entirely modern.

Low Maintenance

Fiber cement siding also is easy to maintain. It can be washed off with a garden hose on occasion to remove any buildup of general dust, dirt, and bug debris.


Vinyl is generally the least expensive of the three most common choices for siding. One reason for the greater cost of fiber cement is that it’s more difficult to install and requires specialized tools, making the labor part of the estimate higher than that for vinyl installation.

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