Finding High Quality Commercial Roofing in Gainesville, FL

by | Oct 10, 2019 | Roofing

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Few things are more important than the roof over your head, especially when hurricane season hits. Roofing not only keeps you dry and protected from the elements, but can also help improve energy efficiency, improve the structural integrity of a building, and enhance the building’s aesthetics. There is a lot to learn about commercial roofing in Gainesville, FL.

How Is Commercial Roofing Different From Residential Roofing?

Most residential roofing is shingle. Even in areas where they have adopted different types of shingles, such as tile shingles, the majority of homes have a shingle roofing system. Commercial roofing has a greater variety than residential roofing, largely because commercial buildings are not all constructed like homes. They may be built differently, with different building codes and structural needs. The biggest difference may be that commercial roofs might be flat, which means that they have to have different drainage and weight capacity requirements than roofs with a pitch.

What Role Does A Roof Play?

A roof plays an important role in the design and security of your building. The roof must be able to withstand rainfall and, in Gainesville, also has to have the proper hurricane rating to ensure that your building and its contents are eligible for insurance coverage. In addition, the selection of roofing materials, including the color of the materials used, can impact your energy efficiency.

How Can a Commercial Roofer Help You?

A commercial roofer is more concerned about establishing long-term business relationships than with making a quick sale. This means that if your existing roof simply needs a repair, or is under warranty, a good commercial roofer will help arrange repairs and not try to sell you a new roof. A commercial roofer also brings knowledge of and experience with commercial building codes to your roofing project, so that you do not have to worry about whether your roofing job is done code.


Though the process may seem daunting, you can find high-quality commercial roofing in Gainesville, FL. Visit the website to find out more information about commercial roofing, as well as siding, windows, and service repairs.

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