Four Services Included in a Roofing Inspection in Pewaukee, WI

To ensure a roof is properly maintained and taken care of, regular roof inspections need to be completed by a professional. These inspections will inform the owner of any damage to the roof and repairs that are crucial to getting the roof back in top shape. Having an inspection performed also ensures small issues are caught before they become major problems. A Roofing Inspection in Pewaukee WI includes four main services.

Walk Around

The initial step is to perform a walk around. By simply walking around the premises and looking up at the roof, an inspector can see if there is any significant damage. Once the roof is checked from the ground, the inspector will make their way to the top for a closer look.

Chimney and Vent Check

The chimney and vents can become cluttered with debris. While the inspector is on top of the roof, they will check these areas to make sure they are free of leaves, sticks, and other items. If there are any issues found, they will be written down to discuss with the homeowner.

Visit to the Attic

An inspector will need to pay a visit to the attic in any homes that have one. This is where a lot of damage is typically found, commonly from roofing leaks. Carefully checking the attic gives the inspector a good idea of how well the roof is holding up. If leaks are found, then the inspector will know there is damage to the roof somewhere that they need to find.

Shingle Check

The shingles on the roof need to be in proper shape if they’re going to keep the elements out. If shingles are curling or falling off, this is the number one indicator that they need to be replaced.

A Roofing Inspection in Pewaukee, WI needs to be performed at least once a year. Regular inspections help homeowners discover whether or not their roofs are in working order or if something needs to be fixed. With a walk around of the premises, a chimney and vent check, a visit to the attic, and a shingle check, the inspector will have covered every inch of the roof to provide a full report as to what damage has occurred. With Waukesha Roofing Inc Pewaukee WI, residents know the company can send out a roofing inspector for any homeowner looking for help.

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