How to Choose Roof Contractors in Oklahoma City

by | Sep 22, 2016 | Roofing Contractors

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Because getting a new roof is such a big investment, it’s important to make sure the job is done right. This means hiring one of the best roof contractors in Oklahoma City has to offer. Taking a few simple steps will help make sure that the roofing contractor you choose is suitable for the job.

Check Qualificationss

A good contractor should have a business license where one is needed, a tax ID number, and be able to provide the address and telephone number for the business. Make sure that the contractor is both licensed and bonded and that he has both liability coverage and workers’ compensation insurance. This will limit the homeowner’s responsibility should anything go wrong during the job. In some cases, special training is required to be able to properly install a specific roofing material, such as Hardy Board roofing, so make sure the contractor has had this training.

Get Multiple Quotes

Get quotes from at least three different roofing contractors. Price shouldn’t be the only factor considered, as sometimes a contractor will quote very low and then not do as good of a job or use lower-quality materials. If quotes are widely different, investigate the reasons for this. Going with the lowest quote may mean repairs will be necessary sooner because the contractor cut corners.

Get Recommendations and References

If someone you know has recently gotten a new roof, ask if they’d recommend the contractor they used. Otherwise, there are a number of websites where the Roof Contractors Oklahoma City has to offer have been rated by past customers. Check these and the Better Business Bureau out before making a final decision. Ask contractors under consideration to provide a few references you can contact to find out more about their work.

Get a Detailed Written Contract

Ask for a written contract that includes all details of the job, including the materials to be used, the amount of time the job should take, the total cost, when payments are due, whether the contractor will deal with cleanup and removal of old roofing materials, and whether there are any warranties or guarantees provided.

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