Roofing Contractors in Lee’s Summit, MO Still Install Asphalt Roofs

Most Roofing Contractors in Lee’s Summit, MO deal with a lot of roofing materials. A roofer can install metal, slate, clay, or even wood shingles. The rise of other roofing materials has some people forgetting about asphalt. Asphalt is still a great choice for a home. Before adding any roofing material, a homeowner should understand asphalt’s pros and cons.

It’s Affordable

One reason to hire Preferred Roofing & Seamless Guttering to install asphalt roofing is because of the cost. It’s the cheapest way to add a new roof to a home. The roof will last 20 years or more if it is taken care of by the homeowner. The roofer who installed the asphalt will be able to help with the maintenance. Anyone who needs a new roof can call Roofing Contractors in Lee’s Summit, MO for estimates.

The Selection

Another benefit of asphalt is a huge selection of colors and styles. A homeowner who wishes to make a statement might want to consider asphalt. If a homeowner wants a roof with a green tint to go with their home, they will be able to find an asphalt roof that fits their needs. The asphalt shingles are coated to help protect against water and other weather-related threats so asphalt remains stylish while being highly functional.

Some Disadvantages

Asphalt isn’t without its disadvantages. Asphalt that is installed in below-freezing temperatures can have problems. A reputable roofer will wait to install asphalt. Any roof can have problems if it isn’t installed correctly. Asphalt isn’t the ideal roofing material for areas that experience significant temperature swings. The extreme contracting and expanding will eventually take a toll on the asphalt. Asphalt also can be damaged by the sun. The sun can cause the asphalt to crack and the color to fade.

Homeowners have to do their research before spending any money on roofing systems. It’s just too easy to make the wrong choice. If someone wants a roof that will be the last one they put on their home, asphalt probably isn’t the choice. But, asphalt is an inexpensive option that can offer great protection. It’s the right choice in many cases.

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