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Roofing Contractors in Naples, FL Explains Why Metal Roofing is Best

When it comes time to put a new roof on a home, it’s a significant purchase requiring much consideration. Any roofing contractor in Naples, FL will tell you that metal roofs are all the rage. Selecting these coverings over asphalt shingles and other materials has many advantages.

Advantages of Metal Roofs

Many look to metal roofs because they’re practical and cost-effective. There are many colors to choose from, which allows a person to showcase the home’s curb appeal.

While many folks love red, blue, and even green accent colors, there are also the standard black and brown shades for those who prefer more traditional hues. Here are a few benefits of this type of roof.

1. Life Span

Metal roofs can last anywhere from 50-70 years, which is nearly double that of a traditional shingled variety. Replacing this household covering is expensive, so needing to do it less often is advantageous.

2. Resilience

One of the benefits of a metal roof is that it’s made of strong and durable metals. Metals such as zinc, tin, and aluminum are more robust than asphalt shingles. Since there’s extreme weather and plenty of storms in Florida, having something that can withstand the climate is a significant advantage.

3. Energy Efficiency

Energy costs have skyrocketed the past few years. Traditional shingles retain heat and can be counterproductive as they increase the need to cool the home. However, metal is a reflective material, so it helps keep the sun from penetrating the roof and improves indoor temperatures.

Making an Informed Choice

Those who have questions regarding metal roofs and need assistance from roofing contractors in Naples, FL have some great choices. Contact Roof Design & Sheet Metal LLC for commercial or residential assistance.

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