Signs a New Roof Installation in Hitchcock, TX is in Order

Part of owning a home is making sure the roof is kept in good condition. Even with regular inspections and making repairs when necessary, the day will come when a new Roof Installation in Hitchcock TX, becomes necessary. Here are some signs indicating it is time to begin considering the idea of having a new roof installed. Curling ShinglesMany forms of shingles will begin to curl as they age. This is a good sign they have become brittle, and it will not take a lot for them to break or work loose during a severe storm. When the homeowner notices a number of shingles appear to be curling, the time has come to call a contractor and get a quote for a completely new Roof Installation in Hitchcock TX.

Water Marks in Every RoomIt is natural for a watermark to appear on the ceiling when shingle or two work loose. When the owner notices marks are developing in every room of the house, that is a sure sign the time has come to consider the idea of a full Roof Installation in Hitchcock TX. Ceilings peppered with watermarks indicates the time for patching is past. The only option for adequately protecting the home is a brand new roof. Mold and Mildew on the Underside of the RoofIf a trip to the attic shows a lot of mold and mildew have taken up residence along the rafters and the support network for the roof itself, it is a safe bet the structure is not as sound as it was in the past.

Chances are the damage is due to leaks running under the shingles and collecting along the framework. Before things get any worse, the time has come to consider a completely new Roof Installation in Hitchcock TX, and eliminate what appears to be a serious issue. Remember that a new roof will help protect the rest of the home from damage. At the same time, that roof will make it easier to heat and cool the home efficiently. Be aware of the signs the current roof is in need of replacement and spend some time discussing a new roof with local contractors. Doing so will pay off in a number of ways in the years ahead.




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