Signs Indicating the Need for Siding Replacement in Hainesport

by | Jun 16, 2020 | Roofing

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Siding is the very last barrier established between the outdoors and the indoor space. Because it is essential the home’s shield, the siding absorbs much of the abuse of the weather. Maintaining the integrity is critical to establishing a barrier. These are signs the siding has been compromised and will need to be replaced.

Noticeable dents, deep pitting or depressed areas indicate the siding has been compromised at some point. This damage is often the result of an impact force. Falling tree branches, hard hit balls or other physical events may cause these dents to occur. Once dented, the Champion Exteriors & Roofing in Hainesport will have to be done. The dents essentially become weak spots in the protective material. These areas will deteriorate faster than the rest of the siding.

Peeling paint is another indication replacement might be needed. Peeling paint usually occurs when water has penetrated the surface of the siding. While a small area of damage can be repaired, a wide spread area indicates water intrusion has already occurred. Wooden siding is especially vulnerable once it is has lost its waterproof coating. The siding material will have to be inspected to determine the extent of the water intrusion and establish how much needs to be replaced.

Missing areas of siding also need to be replaced. There are many reasons why siding can be missing from an area. The boards may have deteriorated to the point it no longer exists. It could have been removed for repair work. Whatever the cause, the Champion Exteriors & Roofing in Hainesport will need to be done. Because the siding also acts as an energy shield, the home is leaking out either hot or cold air depending on the season. As a result, energy bills will be much higher until this barrier is reestablished.

Siding acts to protect the home and prevent excessive energy from leaking out. Replacement of the siding is necessary if it has become damaged, show signs of excessive water damage or is no longer in place. For more information on replacement, check out Regular inspections of the siding can be done to determine if replacement is needed.

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