A Few Different Types of Garages in Wilmington, DE

Obviously, when you think of a garage, you think of somewhere to put your car. That’s obviously the most common use for space; however, when you are thinking about garages and how you would like yours built, you’ll have many different options to choose from. You can have a space built for your car to fit. You can have it built as a storage space. Some people choose to have their garage function as a space for their car and for their dog; in those cases, you’ll need to have a dog door installed in the buildings. Others like to design it as an apartment. You can even make enough space in some cases to store your car and still keep it a living space. Here are a few of the options you can choose from.

Storage Space

If you’re looking for garages in Wilmington, DE that can also function as a storage space, you probably won’t need climate control. You won’t need to climate control space, but you will need to make sure it is weatherproof. The designs of your building will make sure it is watertight, wind-resistant, and will not be significantly damaged by a strong storm. It is important to ensure that your items are not damaged while they are being stored.

If you are looking for storage space, you should contact us today. If you’re looking for any other type of building, you will have those options available to you as well.

Living Space

If you would like your garages to be living spaces, you can choose that option as well. The living space option means that you’ll need some kind of climate control. It is advisable that you have the space insulated so that it traps heat better. Also, you should consider running utilities directly to the garage. Doing so is important for managing the temperature inside.

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