A few tips for roof maintenance

A home is usually the largest single investment that you will make in your lifetime and to increase the value over time it must be well maintained. As the integrity of the roof on your home is of paramount importance, if periodic roof maintenance is not done you can seriously jeopardize your investment. Roof leaks not only show up as ugly dark stains on the ceilings but if left unchecked can worsen to the point where extensive damage can be done to the floors and walls and as mold loves damp, if a leak is not conquered then you are also creating a health hazard. It is advisable to take an hour or so two or three times a year to have a good hard look at the roof on your home; if there are any potential problems lurking that will be costly to repair if let go, they can be repaired early, saving you a considerable amount of money.

Roof maintenance – What to look for:
The key to good roof maintenance is early detection of problems and dealing with small problems before they get out of hand. A great time to inspect the roof on your home for any damage or issues is when you are cleaning the gutters which is usually two or three times a year. Here is what you should be looking for:

• Damaged, missing or curled shingles or any other sign of excessive wear and tear; it is not difficult to make these minor repairs or to arrange for a professional roofer to come out and look after it.
• Look for any signs of algae or fungal growth. If you see any signs of this the solution is to have zinc or lead control strips added.
• Look for any signs of rust, if you see rust then prepare the area with a wire brush, give it a coat of metal primer and repaint it to suit. This is often the case with flashing around roof vents, chimney or skylights.

If there are any signs of a leak such as mold or mildew or a damp spot somewhere in the house take immediate action. Like most things, roof leaks do not get better by themselves although they can certainly worsen.

As a matter of course routine roof maintenance like keeping debris off the roof, trimming branches that may slap against the roof in the wind and ensuring that the vents are protected from squirrels or raccoons getting in the attic are all part of keeping your home in tip-top shape.

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