Advantages of Metal Roofing in Tucson

by | Mar 2, 2020 | Roofing

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When most people think of metal roofing in Tucson they assume it’s only an appropriate solution for commercial buildings. The idea of a home that uses metal as its primary roofing material may seem a little strange at first, but it’s worth considering whether commercial property owners are onto something. Below are a few advantages of this roofing material that can be conferred to both commercial and private property owners to think about before deciding on a new roofing material.


Shingle roofs are great for traditional properties with highly pitched roofs. For roofs with a lower pitch, however, they are not ideal. Often porches and other unique architectural features have lower pitches than the rest of the home, which can become problematic when working with more traditional materials. This is particularly true in Montana where snow accumulation can be a serious hazard on low-pitched roofs.


Environmentally conscious homeowners love metal roofing in Tucson. During the summer the material reflects heat, helping to reduce the amount of energy required to cool the home. Metal roofs are often made from recycled materials, and even when they are not they themselves can be recycled when they have reached the end of their lifespans. Those who are serious about sustainable living also love how easy it is to harvest water from a metal roof. This is due to its smooth, clean, chemical-free surface. Harvesting water from a shingle roof, in comparison, requires filtering out asphalt particles and potentially hazardous chemicals.


Asphalt shingles need to be replaced every decade or two as they shed granules and become sun damaged. A metal roof, in comparison, will last a lifetime with proper care. Partially as a result of its longevity, metal roofing can help to raise property values. This is only true if it is properly installed and designed to be aesthetically attractive as well as practical. Contractors like those employed by Ralph Hays Roofing have experience installing a variety of different roofing materials on both residential and commercial buildings, and can answer any questions clients may have prior to making a final decision.

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