Benefits of Vinyl Siding

For most homes, the best way to protect against the elements is to install siding. There are numerous materials from which you can choose to cover your home’s exterior, from aluminum to wood, but really the best material is vinyl siding. Since it was introduced in the 50’s, vinyl siding has fast become the go-to option for homeowners everywhere, and for good reason. If you want to upgrade the look of your home and protect it from the elements, here are four reasons to choose vinyl. If you live in Hammond, you can easily find an installation service to get the job done.

Cost Effective
Unlike wood or aluminum, vinyl is a much less expensive option. Typically, vinyl costs about $1.60 per square foot to install, whereas other materials like wood can easily cost twice as much. If you have a lot of surface area to cover, then you want to make sure that you can afford it.

Maintain Appearance
One of the biggest issues with wood siding is that it fades over time, meaning that you have to paint your house every few years. With vinyl, however, modern blends can keep the color as vibrant as the day it was installed, even after years of abuse from the elements. Thus, you’ll save a ton of money in the long run on painting costs and general upkeep.

Easy to Clean
When vinyl siding first came out, the material was not as sturdy as it is today, and was prone to cracking and chipping. These days, however, vinyl is as strong as ever, and will not break under pressure. This means you can power wash the side of your house without worrying about stripping paint or damaging the siding itself. Simply put, vinyl is much easier to maintain.

Easy to Repair
Unlike other types of siding, vinyl siding is probably the easiest to replace. If you have a damaged section, it’s super easy to pop off the broken piece and install a new one in its place. Also, since the color shouldn’t have faded much overall, you won’t have to worry about the new section looking out of place.

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