Choose Long Lasting Metal Roofs in Ann Arbor MI

by | Oct 31, 2017 | Roofing

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Getting a new roof isn’t like it was years back when just about everyone automatically chose asphalt shingles. They are still extremely popular today, but many homeowners are choosing different materials than their neighbor’s house, so their home doesn’t look doesn’t look the same. Not only that, but some materials last up to 50 years, and for people who are living in the family home and want it passed on to children, they’re deciding on materials such as tile, metal, copper, or slate.

Excellent Local Companies Available

Some fine local companies are highly recommended by satisfied customers. New Roof Inc. has been serving Ann Arbor, Michigan for many years. Right now, they’re offering $500 off when customers want a complete roof installed, and $50 off on repairs. They’re easy to deal with, and offer excellent customer service to new and existing customers.

Repairs and Installations

When the weather takes a turn for the worst and shingles are torn off the roofs, many contractors work with insurance companies which removes worries from the home or business owner. Roofing contractors not only install metals roofs in Ann Arbor, MI, they also install siding, inspect chimneys, repair the damage caused by storms, and install energy efficient windows.

Commercial Installations

Many commercial buildings are flat requiring a different kind of roofing material to be used than on residential homes. Since rain and snow can pool on flat roofs, the materials used need to be able to contract and expand properly during winter and summer. Roofers can apply a rubber coating that can withstand the heat of the sun on the hottest days, or they can create a peak in the roof that will allow water to drain off the roof.

Residential Installations

Many homeowners are choosing metal roofs in Ann Arbor, MI because they’re long-lasting and beautiful. Metal roofs are recyclable even after all the years they’ve been on the roof. They can be repainted, they don’t crack, and they’re very energy efficient because they reflect the rays of the sun off the roof. One of the most important reasons to have a metal roof installed is because they resist fires. These types of roofs are also wind and hail resistant.

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