Common Clay and Tile Roof Repairs in Tucson

by | Aug 11, 2015 | Roofing Contractors

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The average Roof Repairs Tucson homeowners need may not be due to the types of bad weather other parts of the country commonly experience, but that does not mean their roofs are immune to damage. Sunshine, heat and time all play a role in the condition of every roof. Small concerns can easily become big repair bills if they are not addressed properly when the issues are first noticed. Every homeowner should be aware of what they should look for and expect with the materials installed on their roof.

Sun-resistant products are commonly used in environments where there is an extraordinary amount of sunshine. Clay and tile roofs are much less vulnerable to the rays of the sun than asphalt shingles and are the most common choice in warm, sunny climates. However, even these durable products can still be at risk. If they are not installed properly, it is possible for them to allow moisture to travel underneath. Small cracks that were present at the time the installation occurred will eventually grow larger and can even cause the tiles to break.

Clay and tile are durable materials, but also very heavy. Without the proper support, the roof can be unstable and begin to sag or at risk for collapse. This is another reason why the installation is very important. All homes should be inspected by a professional roofer prior to purchasing. They should also be inspected again if any signs of shifting, breakage or sagging are apparent.

Another problem that requires Roof Repairs Tucson homeowners to be cautious is with the underlayment beneath the clay and tiles. This material does not have the average lifespan of the surface materials and will need inspection every few years and could require replacement as often as once every decade.

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