Consider Stone Flooring in Longmont

by | May 31, 2018 | Hardwood Flooring

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Of the many flooring choices, Stone Flooring in Longmont may be the most durable. Stone flooring can come in many shapes, sizes, and stone choices. Stone Flooring in Longmont can come in the form of slate, granite, marble, or other natural stones. There are different color ranges for each type of stone. A stone floor, when properly installed, will provide decades of easy care and beauty. Stone floors can be installed in any room but work very well in entries, bathrooms, and kitchens.

Stone Floors

Stone floors are mined in different countries around the world. Then they are cut into tiles and shipped to the United States to dealers who sell and install them. It is important to purchase stone flooring from reputable dealers who carry only the best-quality floors and know how to install them properly. When ordering natural stone floors, it is important to order extra to compensate for tiles that are not perfect and to make sure there is enough flooring that matches. If the supply runs short, an exact match of material might not be possible.

Stone flooring tiles come in different size and shape tiles and different qualities and thicknesses. Some are highly polished and, others are more natural with less shine. The tiles are installed one tile at a time or one block of small tiles at a time to form a pattern on the floor. Tile floors can be basic all one tile size and color, or they can form an intricate pattern. They can have a field color with a beautiful border design around the edges of a room or have a small or large medallion design in the center of the room.


Tile is not a do-it-yourself flooring option. The success of this type of flooring and its beauty depends on expert installation. The base must be carefully prepared and level. The tile itself must adhere to the floor with thin set or latex tile adhesive. The spaces between tiles must be uniform, and the tiles must be the same height all through the floor space. There cannot be some tiles higher or lower than others. Go to Website for more information.

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