Ensure a Dry Home With Expert Roof Construction in Oklahoma City

At one point, most roofing solutions were developed simply to protect the building. As better options were developed, people began to consider the appearance of the roof and the possibility of roof construction in Oklahoma City for improving the home’s overall appearance. For instance, replacing the typical three-tab, asphalt shingle with a composite version can provide the roof with a little depth. This is because these shingles were designed to simulate the look of slate or similar roofing tiles. This is handled through a series of unique angles on the edges of the shingles and the thickness of the material in use. Composite shingles come in two or three layer versions and are typically warranted for the life of the home.

An alternative for composite shingles that also provides a long service life is stamped steel. Roof Construction in Oklahoma City, which makes use of this material can survive some fairly strong storms, provided the roofing was properly installed. Stamped steel roofing comes in two varieties. The first is uses zinc galvanizing for protection while the other makes use of a zinc/aluminum coating. Galvanizing the steel protects the metal from corrosion and helps it to last for decades. The actual purpose of the aluminum is to provide additional protection in high salt areas such as coastal regions. There are a few other benefits to using steel such as easy coverage and a huge variety of styles, but one of the best is the ability to apply this roofing material to an existing asphalt shingle roof. In this installation, the contractor will need to secure the metal to battens.

No matter how old the roof may be, it is important to have it checked periodically. Many contractors such as J&M Roofing will perform a thorough roof inspection and inform the homeowner of any possible problems. For example, they should thoroughly check the attic space for signs of moisture and rotten wood. The latter can easily occur if the former isn’t dealt with quickly enough. The schedule for such inspections will depend on how bad the storms in the area may be. Severe winds can wreak havoc on a roof and a storm with driving rain can make many roofing problems more difficult to deal with.

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