Guide to New Roofs in Waukesha, WI

by | Jul 12, 2018 | Roofing

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Wisconsin residents rely on their roofs to protect their homes from the elements. When homeowners need new roofs in Waukesha, WI, they want to be sure the roofer they hire will be reliable and install the roofing materials efficiently and correctly. But how will they know the roofer will be trustworthy? Keep reading for tips and suggestions to hire a dependable and honest roofer.

Type of Roofing Materials

While most homeowners continue to opt for asphalt shingles for their homes, they are increasingly looking at alternate options for roofing materials. Homeowners can select slate, clay, wood shakes, ceramic, and metal. The choice can depend on homeowner preference, building codes in the area, and the homeowner’s desired budget. However, in some cases, a roof may cost more money on the front end but can end up having a very long expected life.

Finding a Reliable Roofer

Once a homeowner has narrowed down their roofing options, it is time to select a roofer to install their new roof. Talk to neighbors, co-workers, and friends about roofers they have used in the past. Were they satisfied with their experience? Read reviews about local roofing companies on websites such as Google and Angie’s List. Pay close attention to contractors who are recommended multiple times. Additionally, be sure to narrow down the search based on the desired roofing material. Some materials, such as metal, should only be installed by a roofer who has experience installing that roofing material.


Most roofing material manufacturers offer warranties on their products. However, those warranties can become void if the roofer makes a mistake during the installation process. Trustworthy roofers will stand behind their work and offer warranties to customers on their labor.

Written Estimates

Nearly all roofers offer free estimates to potential customers. Contact several local recommended contractors for an estimate. Request that all estimates are in writing and include details about the costs for materials, labor, and details out all warranties offered. Having all of this information will make it simpler to effectively compare all of the estimates. Do not assume that the lowest price estimate will provide the best value.

Hiring a Roofer

Evaluate all estimates and decide which option will provide the best value for your budget. Only choose a roofer if they are a company with whom you feel comfortable. For more information about installing new roofs in Waukesha, WI, contact website.

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