Copper Roof

Hiring Contractors for Copper Roof Repair in Nassau County, NY Along With Maintenance and Restoration Service

Copper is one of the most expensive materials for roofs, which explains why copper roofing is seldom seen. Paying that cost, however, means the property owners will have a roof for their home that should last for generations. Copper roof repair in Nassau County NY may become necessary at some point, and the building owners must hire a contractor skilled in evaluating and fixing metal roofing. Contact Business Name for assistance with repair or maintenance of a copper roof.

Gradual Changes in Color to Expect

When a copper roof is first installed, it has the distinct color of that metal, like a shiny new penny. Over time, while the material is continually exposed to weather elements, copper gradually becomes brown and then develops a green outer layer known as a patina. This occurs due to oxidation. People who choose this metal must understand that it will eventually become that color unless they have the copper sealed occasionally, which is a big job. The environment works against the sealant because the patina is a natural property of copper.

Uneven Color Changes

The changes sometimes are uneven because of factors like shade and parts of the roof that are somewhat shielded from rain and snow. If the building is near the ocean, salt air can have varying effects as well.

Paint Stripping for Restoration

In some instances, people buy a building they know has a copper roof, but previous owners chose to have the metal painted. Perhaps they did not like the patina or some uneven weathering that had occurred. The new owners can hire roofing contractors to strip the paint and complete any necessary copper roof repair in Nassau County NY.

Hiring Contractors for Roof Cleaning

Copper is resistant to rust and will not develop algae streaks the way asphalt shingles sometimes do. Algae cannot grow in an environment with copper or zinc metal ions. Nevertheless, copper can accumulate dirt over time, decreasing its beauty. Roofing contractors also can clean the surface for property owners who are not comfortable climbing up ladders and working at that height. Contractors have the equipment and knowledge allowing them to complete the task effectively and safely.

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