How To Hire a Commercial Roof Contractor in St. Peters, MO

by | Oct 10, 2017 | Roofing Repairs

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For most business owners, commercial roofing can mean a major investment and expense that they have to incur. The cost and time involved are two important factors, and this is why it is critical to hire an experienced commercial roof contractor in St. Peters MO to handle the job. Customers can read this short tutorial to make their search easier.

Deal With an Experienced Roofer

Customers need to hire a contractor that has extensive experience with commercial roofing. While this may be quite apparent, commercial roofing differs from residential roofing. Customers want a roofer that has just as much experience, if not more, in commercial roofing than in residential. It is a good question to ask what ratio of their jobs are done on each type of roof.

Do The Proper Due Diligence

Find out just how long the company has been in business. Try to deal with a company that has operated for at least 15 years, as that proves they are stable. When the time comes for maintenance or repair, customers want to call a roofing company that understands how their building is laid out. Customers should also ask the roofer if they offer free estimates or provide emergency services such as emergency tarping.

Know What To Ask For

Customers will need to ask some direct questions of any Commercial Roof Contractor in St. Peters MO they may be thinking of hiring. Will the roofer obtain all necessary permits and schedule all of the required inspections? Another question any roofer will expect and should answer willingly is to provide proof of workers’ compensation as well as general liability insurance. This provides the customer with protection in case of injury or damage to the property.

Find A Roofer That Can Provide Additional Services

Dealing with a roofer that can also provide residential jobs and is capable of siding or installing windows can save customers time. Some roofers will also offer as much as $500 off of select roofing jobs or will provide military members and senior citizens with discounts. Click here for more information on a roofing company with a solid history of residential and commercial roofing as well as siding, gutters and even patio covers.

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