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Impacting Your Curb (Appeal): Working with Today’s Commercial Asphalt Contractor

In the modern day and age, our asphalt solutions are relatively resilient and long-lasting, as evidenced by the fact that they often maintain structural integrity for up to two decades without necessitating any extensive repairs or refurbishments. However, once cracks, fissures, and fractures start popping up, it doesn’t take long for significant degradation to set in, which is why it’s so important for you as a prudent business owner to stay on top of your tarmac and asphalt solution year-round.

Being proactive is the best way to avoid costly repairs and inordinate restorations down the road, but before you set out to find a reputable commercial asphalt contractor, you should take some time to learn about the specific factors that incite deterioration and corrosion in today’s paving solutions.

Why Does My Parking Lot Look So Ugly?

As any renowned commercial asphalt contractor will tell you, there are three notable causes of asphalt degradation that every sensible business owner should be on the lookout for:

  • The Sun’s Rays: The powerful ultra-violet rays emanating from the sun have the uncanny ability to destroy asphalt-binding agents over time. The resulting effects are unappealing to say in the least, as you’ll begin to notice loose gravel and unsightly cracks within just a few years of the initial installation, especially if you fail to employ proper cleaning and maintenance habits.
  • Corrosive Oxidation: Exposure to oxygen initiates a process in which the asphalt aggregates begin shuffling around on a molecular level in order to establish a constant thermodynamic state (equilibrium). Unfortunately, the result of oxidation is a stiff, unyielding surface that responds poorly to pressure and other atmospheric elements.
  • Physical Strain: After enduring intense pressure from incredibly heavy vehicles over the years, your asphalt solution will eventually give way to the incessant stress and you’ll start seeing fissures and chips forming on the lot’s surface, not to mention the relentless oil and gas stains that also come in tow.

If you’ve noticed any of these developments in your tarmac solution, it’s time to establish a relationship with a local paving company.

Partnering with a Reputable Contractor

The most renowned paving firms, such as Colt Concrete & Asphalt, are able to facilitate even the most extensive projects without having to outsource any of the responsibilities to a third party. Therefore, it’s important for you to focus on each firm’s list of services as you scour the Internet for a trustworthy commercial asphalt contractor in your area.

After finding a few local companies that can handle milling, crack-sealing, sealcoating, and paving installations in-house, you’ll be more than ready to start requesting personalized quotes for your upcoming venture! You can also connect them on Facebook.

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