Lever Latch Applications

by | Apr 8, 2015 | Construction

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A lever latch is a mechanism which is used to open doors, operate motorized vehicles or airplanes. Many commercial, public and residential structures have lever latch locking systems. They were in wide use before electronic locking components became widespread. The following information will explain the different types of lever latch systems and their uses.

Lever Latches for Doors

Many doors on buildings and homes all over the world use a lever latch lock. These mechanisms are needed to open and secure doors. They are also used on gates and different types of entry points into structures. Many lever latches have a protruding lever design which allows a person to grasp the mechanism to operate a door or gate. Some lever latches are used to slide gates open and to close them.
Manufacturers are now developing lever latches which are more secure than ever. Thieves and criminals will have to be experienced and knowledgeable about how these mechanisms work if they want to be efficient at exploiting them. Latch mechanisms are also being developed to look stylish and sophisticated.

Lever Latches for Automobiles

Lever latches are also used for automobiles, motorcycles and trucks. These devices are used in cars and trucks to open doors, control windows and for shifting gears. Lever latches are used on motorcycles to allow riders to shift gears and to break. Vehicles need latches to move vehicles down the street. If a vehicle does not have latches they will have a hard time picking up power and transferring speed. They are often used in some part of engine design.

Aircraft and Lever Latches

Lever latches are used to operate airplanes as well. Many aircraft have latches on their cabin and cockpit doors. They also use them on the control panel. A thrust lever is a form of lever latch which is used to give airplanes power. Aircraft latch levers are designed and then built into the aircraft and some of its components.

Electronic Lever Latches

Electronic lever latches are now being developed in greater number. Electronic lever latches are even being designed to work with automatic locking systems. Electric locking systems are becoming more common within homes. These type of locks can also be automated and keyless. When they are used within this capacity they will provide extra security to doors and gates. Lever latches are also used on medical devices and on other apparatuses within factories and other industries.

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