Looking for Residential Roofing in Philadelphia, PA

by | Dec 15, 2016 | Roofing

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As a homeowner, you understand that maintaining your property and keeping it in good repair takes time and money. It also requires daily vigilance, as you must look for any damage that needs replacement or repairs. Most homeowners understand the effort that must go into this aspect of property ownership, but many folks often fail to look after the roof over their heads!

The roof can be very easy to forget about since it sits above us and simply does its job day after day. But would you know if you had a leak or a hole? Do you know how long the average residential roofing lasts? Your roof takes a beating each and every day of the year. As strong and durable as it is, it will not last forever. Rain, wind, ice, and harsh sun all play a part in decreasing the lifespan of your roof and causing damage over time.

The Problems of a Damaged Roof

Residential roofing does a great job in keeping all of the rain, wind, and the sun out of the home. In fact, modern roofs are made from really tough materials, but even they do not last forever! All of them need yearly maintenance and occasional repairs. So, what can happen if you have holes and cracks in your roof? Consider the following:

Rainwater: If you have holes in your roof, the rainwater is sure to enter your roof space! This is problematic because the rain can damage wooden structural supports and even cause them to rot over time. Rainwater pooling above your ceiling will also damage electrical wiring, insulation, and even heating ducts or air conditioning tubes. You may even see dark spots on your ceiling start to develop, which means that there is water pooling in the roof space.

Pests: When you have holes in your roof, you present an ideal opportunity for insects and vermin to enter your home. You might even find birds nesting in your roof! Plenty of owners have awoken to the sound of tiny feet scuttling above them in the roof space!

Having Your Roof Repaired

Fortunately, companies that specialize in residential roofing in Philadelphia, PA can help you with your roof damage. And if you want to increase the life of your existing roof, you can even have it sealed by website. This will not only make your roof more durable but will also save you on cooling costs!

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