Protect the Home From the Elements With Help From an Expert Maryland Roofer

by | Apr 14, 2016 | Roofing

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A leaking roof could be the most expensive problem the home or property owner ever deals with. One reason is the damage that water causes to structural materials such as wood. One example is the decking used on most buildings, a composite material known as OSB (oriented strand board). The problem that occurs when OSB gets wet is that the wood fibers swell. Unfortunately, the wood has little space to move, and this combination forces the material to separate. Letting an experienced Maryland Roofer inspect the roof may prevent this issue and could save a lot of money and aggravation.

Roofing types vary from the typical three-tab asphalt shingle to steel products that mimic most other roofing options. Variations of the asphalt roof include laminated shingles and composite versions that could last for decades. In fact, most manufacturers warrant these roofing solutions for the life of the home. Keep in mind that alternative roofing solutions require an experienced Maryland Roofer to properly install them, otherwise, the roof could fail from leaks or loose materials.

One area where the experts must really pay attention is the roofing details such as flashing and vents. These items are often placed directly over the decking or on top of the roofing felt that separates the roof from the decking. If these items aren’t thoroughly sealed, then the resultant leak could quickly destroy the roof and anything under it.

If the property owner is looking for an alternative, then the use of steel may be the best option. Modern steel roofing uses one of two basic protection systems. The first is zinc galvanizing or an alloy of zinc and aluminum and the second is a fluoropolymer-based paint. Both of these options provide a durable roof, but experts such as Reliable Roofers Inc tend to recommend the alloy for long term solutions.

Alternately, the homeowner may prefer the look of cedar shake. To enjoy this possibility without the various issues that cedar has typically requires the use of an alternative and simulated shakes fit this bill. The best-simulated shakes are made from polymers, and this makes them resistant to various kinds of weather. Imagine the beautiful look of a shake roof that never suffers from the effects of aging.

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