Protect Your Home With Residential Roof Maintenance in Minneapolis

by | Apr 17, 2018 | Roofing

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Minneapolis homes face numerous threats throughout the year. If the snow and ice weren’t bad enough, summer winds and hail add insult to injury. Roofing products are designed to survive severe weather conditions, but routine maintenance is always recommended to catch any developing problems before they cause significant damage.

Start With an Inspection

Even newer roofs can suffer damage during harsh weather, which is why construction industry experts suggest property owners have their roofs inspected annually or after any severe weather event. Some damages are easily seen from the ground, but others are not easily detected without actually getting up on the roof. Rather than risking a fall, let the experts inspect your roof.

Deal With Needed Repairs Promptly

Anytime Residential Roof Maintenance in Minneapolis is recommended, it’s important to deal with those repairs promptly. It’s too easy for leaks to develop when damaged shingles or flashing materials are not replaced quickly. Taking care of minor issues now is far less expensive than dealing with major water damage later. The roofing contractor will gladly explain the repair process to ensure homeowners know what they’re dealing with.

Sometimes, Repairs are Not Enough

While Residential Roof Maintenance in Minneapolis will deal with roofing problems, there are times when repairs won’t be practical. Every type of roofing material has a finite life expectancy. If the damage to a roof is severe or the roof is very old, repairs may not be the best investment. At that point, the roofing contractor may well suggest replacing the roof rather than attempting repairs.

Discuss Replacement Options

If the need for a new roof arises, don’t simply replace the existing roof without discussing all the available options with a roofing professional. In many cases, new materials may be better choices to enhance the home’s look and provide better protection. While some of the materials may cost a little more initially, an increased lifespan and resistance to damage generally makes upgrading a good investment.

If your roof hasn’t been inspected recently or if you’re in the market for a new roof, now is a great time to contact a roofing professional for help. Click here for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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