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Reasons for Choosing a Metal Roof Installation in Keller TX

Homeowners used to be limited in their roofing materials choices. Today, there is an abundance of options, and homeowners are increasingly choosing Metal Roof Installation in Keller TX for their homes. Metal roofing is rapidly gaining popularity for its energy efficiency, longevity, and investment value. Here are some reasons for homeowners to consider metal for their next roof.

Long Lifespan

Metal roofs are made to outlast shingles by two to three times longer. Many metal roofs come with a 30 to 50-year warranty, but it is common for a metal roof to reach it’s 100 year anniversary before being retired. Metal roofs also have significantly less maintenance time and cost compared with asphalt roofs, making metal an excellent value for property owners.

A Great Environmental Choice

After an exceptionally long service life, homeowners will be happy to hear that their metal roof is entirely recyclable when it needs to be retired from roofing duty. Metal roofs also conserve energy and improve a home’s energy efficiency. During the winter, a metal roof can absorb the sun’s heat and trap it to help lower heating bills. And during the summer that same roof will help to reduce cooling costs by reflecting the sun’s heat away from home.

Pleasing Aesthetics

Metal roofs come in a wide variety of colors and allow a home to stand out amongst the neighbors. For all roofing materials, there is a functional life and an aesthetic life. A roof may function for say 20 years, but will only look good for the first five to seven years, causing it to detract from the home’s value. Metal roofs maintain their good looks well into the future which adds to the home’s value even as the roof ages.

Metal Installations

Do not assume that all roofers will be qualified to install a metal roof. Look specifically for contractors who have significant experience in working with metal roofing materials. Ask for references for past metal clients to see how satisfied they have been with the contractor’s work. Browse the website or contact Pro Select Roofing for more information about Metal Roof Installation in Keller TX.

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