Repairing An Asphalt Roof With Help From A Roofer In Rochester, MN

by | Mar 4, 2019 | Roofing

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When someone discovers there is water getting inside their home, the reason may very well be the rooftop. If there is an area on an asphalt-shingled roof where damage is present, water can easily make its way into the interior of the home. This will need to be repaired quickly, either by the homeowner or with help from a Roofer in Rochester, MN.

First, the roof will need to be cleaned in its entirety. This will help expose areas in need of repair so they are not overlooked during an evaluation of the structure. The roof can be cleaned with a pressure washer to remove any debris from its surface. Stains can be removed by hand with the use of a scrub brush and a mild detergent.

When the roof is clean, the areas in need of repair will be visible. An analysis of the surface can be done by walking back and forth across the structure in search for areas that show wear. Any shingles that look like they are crumbling will need to be replaced with new ones. This is done by peeling back the shingles in the row above the damaged area and removing the roofing nail from the shingle. It can then be lifted away from the structure. The roofing paper underneath should be replaced at this time as well. This will ensure no small pinholes are missed, making it necessary to do a repeat repair later on.

If the leak is in an area along a seam, such as next to a chimney or vent, the flashing along the edge of the protrusion may be the culprit letting water inside. Remove any rusted flashing pieces and use caulk to seal new pieces in place. If existing caulk looks worn, add a new layer to protect the area from moisture.

If someone wishes to get a hold of a Roofer in Rochester, MN to tend to leaking problems, they can hire a professional in the area. Contact Steve Gentry Construction to find out more about the services offered and to make an appointment for an evaluation of a leaking rooftop if necessary. You can also visit them on Google My Business.

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