Severe Storms Cause the Need for Emergency New Roof Construction in Sugar Land

by | May 7, 2018 | Roofing

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Sugar Land is situated within the Houston metropolitan area. This region doesn’t experience the extremes in weather volatility that characterize other parts of the big state, but storms with strong winds and even tornadoes do sometimes occur. Hurricanes have hit landfall in this region or travelled along the coast until reaching the Houston area. Emergency New Roof Construction in Sugar Land is necessary when the roof is so severely damaged that it cannot be repaired.

Destructive Storm Activity

Hurricanes and tornadoes can demolish houses. Even if they do not, the intense winds can destroy a roof or blow the entire roof away. Trees falling onto a roof may cause such serious damage that Emergency New Roof Construction in Sugar Land becomes necessary. These incidents are terrifying and leave homeowners feeling overwhelmed. Roofing contractors and insurance representatives take immediate steps to help their customers start returning life back to normal.

Texas Tornado and Hurricane Activity

Six Texas counties are among the top 35 in the country for numbers of tornadoes, but Fort Bend County, where Sugar Land is located, is not at that level of risk. Tornadoes sometimes are connected with hurricanes. In the Sugar Land area, both hurricane winds and tornadoes may occur, as well as severe thunderstorms with high wind speeds. Most recently, Hurricane Harvey caused catastrophic floods in 2017 along with winds up to 130 miles per hour.

Funnel clouds and tornadoes that touch down in the Houston area more typically affect the north side, whereas Sugar Land is to the south of the city. In fact, the National Oceanic and Atmosphere Association reports that Harris County in Texas is in that top 35, and that county includes the city of Houston. The Galveston area, up the coast from Houston, also experiences an unusually large number of these severe storms.

Concluding Thoughts

Even when a tornado doesn’t hit a house or blow through a neighbourhood, winds connected with the storm front can still cause serious damage in a metro area. Roofing contractors can place tarps over the damaged areas to protect the house until new construction can begin. Contact Allegiance Roofing for assistance after a storm has a seriously negative impact on a house.

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