Signs Siding Repairs are Necessary

by | Aug 24, 2015 | Roofing

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The siding on a home is one of the few things standing between the interior of a home and the elements outdoors. Each of the boards works together as a total system along with caulk, paint and nails to help and keep moisture out of the home. In many situations, home owners will not be able to tell that Siding Repairs are necessary. Knowing what the signs of an issue are will help ensure repairs are sought in a timely manner.

Aging and Deteriorating
Depending on the type of material it is made from, siding will show its age differently. Maintenance to the siding will also impact how old siding looks. Vinyl siding is most likely to suffer from a type of solar weathering, while wood can become warped or rotted, and the older Masonite variety of composite siding will crack on the edges and begin to deteriorate, allowing water to penetrate the surface. In some situations, the damage will appear as warped, uneven areas or wavy sports in the actual siding. Any of these signs indicates that Siding Repairs are necessary.

If the home owner notices that the nail heads are visible, missing or exposed, a problem may be present. If the nails have completely popped out of the siding, it means there is some type of movement going on, or the material has been contracting and expanding. A rusty nail can be a sign of water or moisture damage that may eventually lead to visible streaks down the rest of the siding.

Caulk and Seams
Caulk should be used on siding at all the joints and seams. As time passes, caulk can begin to slowly wear away, crack, or shrink. If the seams appear to have shifted or the boards appear uneven, then this is a sign that the siding is likely to fail.

Home owners who need more information about their siding and when repairs are needed can visit website. Being informed about signs of damage is essential in ensuring it continues to do its job. Failure to do this may result in serious structural damage to the entire home that can be quite costly to repair.

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