Signs You Need Roof Leak Repair in Salinas, CA

by | May 3, 2017 | Roofing

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As you continue to live on your property, certain maintenance requirements must be taken into account, especially with the wet season in full swing. Roof leak repair can help you avoid huge bills later on and there are a number of subtle and obvious signs alike that can help you determine whether you need such a service. By paying close attention to the red flags throughout certain areas of your home, it should be rather simple to keep up with roofing maintenance.

Molding Shingles

One exterior sign that you may need roof leak repair in Salinas, CA is if you notice shingles remaining moist after rain or if they begin to grow mold. This is a sure sign that your roof’s drainage system is failing, either due to outdated shingles or another issue, and you need to call on a reliable professional to get the repair done quickly. When you visit sites such as to learn about your different options, it can quickly become a matter of course to get your roof repaired and functional again.

Discolored Ceiling

Many signs of roof issues are fairly easy to spot, such as a discolored patch on the ceiling in any room of the house, which is a sure sign that water has found its way into your property. This is most commonly from the roof, either due to damage from a storm or failing roofing materials. Reliable roof leak repair can help you get to the bottom of the leak and find the right solution to the problem without delay.

This type of service should make it relatively fast and easy for you to get your roof back in good condition. If you allow this to sit and fester, it may be that you discover severe molding only after health issues begin to build up in the home.

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