Three Qualities Of Cedar Shake Roofs That Make Them Worth Inquiring About With A Qualified Roofer in Peachtree GA

by | Sep 28, 2015 | Roofing

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Engaging in the roof replacement process requires homeowners to make a lot of decisions, one of which is the material that they’ll use for that roof. While there are a lot of material choices out there, some stand out as superior in both beauty and performance. Cedar is one of those materials. For those considering a cedar shake roof, here’s just a few of the benefits installing one can bring.

1. While homeowners do want to have a roof that protects them, they also want to have one that looks great. Cedar wood has a natural beauty to it that complements a variety of styles, and it tends to hold onto its beauty for many years. When a homeowner has a cedar shake roof installed by a Roofer in Peachtree GA, they’ll be able to rest assured that they’ll have a roof that provides both good looks and function.

2. No homeowner wants to invest in a new roof only to have to bear the expense and frustration of installing a new one a short time later. While high-quality and expertly installed asphalt shingle roofs last for about twenty to thirty years, owners of cedar shake roofs can often expect to get about ten more years out of theirs. Cedar wood shingles are strong enough to stand up to just about any weather (including hurricanes, hail, and snowstorms) without homeowners having to worry about their roof being damaged or destroyed.

3. One of the best things about having a cedar shake roof installed by a reputable Roofer in Peachtree GA is the insulating properties that it provides for homeowners. A roof should not only protect a home, but it should provide it with a great deal of insulation as well. The good news is that cedar shakes do a great job of this. As a highly energy-efficient solution, cedar shakes provide twice the insulation that asphalt shingles do. This, in turn, helps homeowners reduce their energy usage and keep heating and cooling costs to a minimum.

In order to make the appropriate choice when it comes to roofing materials, it’s vital that homeowners weigh the pros and cons of each. When they do that, it’s difficult to deny that cedar shakes have some useful attributes that make it a viable choice. Visit to discover more about how a cedar shake roof can benefit homeowners looking for the perfect mix of style and functionality. You can also check their BBB ratings.

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