Times To Get Your Roof Replaced By a Roof Contractor in Oahu

by | Sep 18, 2014 | Roofing Contractors

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The roof’s most critical function is to stop the weather from getting into the home. Whether this is to provide shade from the sun or it is to prevent rain from leaking into the home, the roof must remain completely intact. If the integrity is compromised, then it is time to get it fixed or replaced. These are some situations in which it is better to replace the roof than it is to repair it.

One situation in which you want to talk to the roof contractor In oahu area about a replacement is when the roof has reached its natural lifespan. The roof loses its protective abilities as it ages. The average life span for a shingled roof is about twenty years. If your roof has reached this age, it needs to be replaced before it completely fails and massive leaks developed due to the compromised material.

Another situation in which you should discuss with your Roof Contractor is when a big storm has damaged more than fifty percent of your roof. In those cases, it is often cheaper and easier to get a complete roof replacement rather than just get half of it done. This ensures that the integrity of the roof is maintained. It also looks better after the replacement since the roof will be one color instead of two different colors.

Multiple leaks in the roof can also signal major issues that need to be addressed by the Roof Contractor in Oahu. While these leaks maybe small, it means that multiple areas of the roof are affected. It can be impossible to address them all especially if new ones pop up on every time a rainstorm occurs. This is often an indication that more areas of the roof are affected than what is visible.

The roof is the most important weather protection system available for your home. It is critical that it remains intact to provide this protection. Thus, if your roof has one of these things going on with it, you should probably think about a full replacement rather than trying to temporarily patch it up. It could save you a lot of grief in the future.

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