Two Important Reasons to Hire Professional Roofers in Bowie for Repair Work

by | Mar 12, 2018 | Roofing

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Deciding to hire professional Roofers Bowie has available for repair work is an important choice for safety reasons. It’s also essential for the aspect of effectiveness, since finding the source of a leak that appears on the ceiling can be a challenge.

The Risk of Injury

Homeowners who try to fix roof leaks on their own are at risk of serious injury from falling. A large number of emergency room visits each year are due to falls from ladders and residential roofs. People can slip or trip, and ladders can slip right off the edge of the roof. Roofing contractors have the training, experience and safety equipment necessary that helps them prevent these incidents.

People tend to take the use of ladders for granted after they’ve been up on one several times. Nevertheless, with the high percentage of home accidents involving ladders, usage of the equipment should be approached with caution every time. Many homeowners have very lightweight aluminum ladders that are not all that sturdy, even though they are easy to move around. At the very least, the buddy system should be adhered to, with someone else holding the bottom of the ladder while another person climbs.

The Challenge of Locating the Leak

In addition, professional Roofers Bowie has available for repair work are skilled in determining where a leak has originated. Since water commonly travels down the underlying lumber before appearing inside the house, the point of origin may be several feet from the wet spot on the ceiling. Homeowners trying to fix the problem on their own may wind up on top of the roof several times adding more tar, only to discover water dripping from the ceiling again and again.

The Importance of Prompt Repair Work

Having the leak resolved quickly by a contractor such as Reliable Roofers Inc is imperative to avoid ongoing damage to the home. Leaks can start to rot the wood under the roof and mold can develop. The climate in this region is relatively humid, especially in summer, which is conducive to mildew growth. Now the problem is not only a structural one but a health hazard. The longer the situation continues, the more expensive it will be to fix.

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