Ways to Prepare for a Roof Installation in Ellicott City MD

by | Dec 14, 2018 | Roofing Repairs

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Roofs are constantly bombarded from the rain and the sun. The material protecting the house will eventually wear down. Repairs are a temporary measure. At some point, an entire replacement is needed. When it has been determined a new roof is needed, these are a few ways to prepare for the installation.

Be prepared for water damage with a New Roof Installation in Ellicott City MD. Sometimes, the extent of the water damage is not really seen until the contractors remove all of the old roofing material. Long term leakage, reoccurring spots or multiple areas of water intrusion may have done more damage than can be visibly seen. Damage may include the need to replace the wood used to support the roofing material. Extra money in the budget should be allotted for possible repairs.

Another way to prepare is to ensure clear access to the roof is available. This means trimming back branches and shrubs to allow room for workers to proceed up and down ladders. For softer soil, wood platforms may need to be temporarily put down to help establish a solid base for ladders. Dig up and replant any valuable plants in the pathway of the roofers to prevent possible trampling. Multiple access points might be needed depending on the roof structure.

Take a few minutes to plan for what to do with pets during the Roof Installation in Ellicott City MD. Pets can get harmed if exposure to roofing material is allowed. Since the parameter of the house is basically a construction zone, pets must be kept inside. Sometimes, pets may get overly excited or anxious by all of the activity. In these cases, taking them to a pet daycare center or allowing them to spend time with friends will keep them occupied until the job is complete. Additional walks should be planned since the yard is basically inaccessible at the time.

A new roof can enhance the look and protection of the home. By allotting extra money for water damage repairs, preparing the yard for roof access and establishing what to do with pets, the path is clear for the roofers. For more information on roofs or the installation process, check out visit us website. Like us on Facebook.

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