What Constitutes The Best Hand Dryer For Your Business?

by | Oct 29, 2014 | Construction

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As anyone who runs a business of virtually any kind will tell you, there is much more to it than simply getting the job done and selling services or products to others. We usually judge a business’s success by the size to which it has grown. We can admire a one man show start up that is doing well but, any business needs to grow in order to prosper. Unless he (or she) generates enough business to start hiring employees, it will die when its owner gives up.

The Welfare Of Your Employees

Once you start hiring employees you start needing to do things for them. Nature has given us all certain bodily functions that have to be performed on a regular basis and your employees can not avoid the need to use the toilet from time to time. As a result, you have to install some sort of toilet facilities on your premises; more than likely you will need two of them as a minimum. Whether you simply put the word “Toilet” on the door; label one “Men” and the other “Women” or, use words like washroom, bathroom or restroom a minimum amount of fitting out is necessary.


As well as the obvious need for toilet bowls and urinals, you will need a number of sinks for hand washing (numbers depend upon how many people you employ). You need to take care of both the water supply and its waste disposal in accordance with local sanitation regulations. Since water costs money, you should give thought to sensor technology that meters out the required amount rather than relying upon people to flush the toilet and turn off the faucet at the sink. If your employees undertake especially dirty duties, there may also be a need for shower cubicles.

After Washing Comes Drying

Let’s say that your business only requires hand washing facilities, what is the Best Hand Dryer method for you to install in your restrooms? Cloth towels are going to give you laundering problems. Disposable paper towels have an initial purchase cost and need someone to give attention to keeping the dispensers stocked. In addition, there will be problems arising from disposal of all the used towels.

Probably the Best Hand Dryer is the electric, warm air blower type. Modern dryers operate automatically and are remarkably power efficient so the operating cost is not high. When you opt for the very Best Hand Dryer on the market, you also get increased hygiene since any microbes still on the wet hands are blown down into a highly efficient filtration system.

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