What Exciting New Roofing Materials Does The 21st Century Offer Nederland Homeowners?

You’ve been in your house for several years now, and you decide it’s time for a new roof. It’s a new century, and the array of products for any need at all is unbelievable.

Roofing contractors in Nederland, Texas, are excited to tell you about wonderful new roofing materials.

Stone-Coated Steel

This is steel to which ground granite has been attached like the granules on shingle. It doesn’t come off, though. Stone-coated metal can be made to look like shingles, shakes, or tiles. It offers a 50 year warranty and is highly wind, fire, and hail resistant. Stone-coated steel is built over wood strips that form an air barrier between the roof and the decking. It insulates the roof, keeping it cool in summer and preventing ice dams in winter.

Solar Shingles

Tesla isn’t the only game in town regarding solar roof shingles. Roofing contractors in Nederland, Texas, use them, too. They’re the size of asphalt shingles and are made of rigid materials like glass. They don’t require an expert for installation, and they begin to pay for the roof from day one in manufacturing solar energy.

Cool Roof Technology

Roofing material manufacturers decided to use the summer rule in clothing for their roofs. They used white tiles or shingles with white glue and reflective coating on them to reflect more sunlight back into the sky. The roof won’t absorb heat, and your house will remain cool in summer.

These are just a few roofing choices ABCO Roofing & Construction can tell you about when you contact us at Visit the website

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