What Is The Value Of Roof Inspections in Highlands Ranch CO?

Getting a roof inspected can add years to the life of the roof by catching problems while they are small and repairing them. Roof leaks can be expensive to fix and frequently cause interior water damage and mold infestations. When storm damage or other roof damage are discovered and repaired as soon as possible, the amount of leakage is limited or prevented altogether. Keeping any roof in good repair is important.

Roof Inspections

Roof inspections in Highlands Ranch CO are offered by many roofing companies such as Advocate Construction, Inc. The same roofing company can offer periodic inspections, repair roofs, and replace a roof when it wears out. But, without a comprehensive inspection, the homeowner has no way of knowing what shape their roof is in. Roofs should be inspected when certain things happen.

  • After bad storms with high winds
  • When the home is being considered for purchase
  • When the roof develops a leak
  • If the roof is over ten years old
  • When roof damage is suspected

It is often difficult to find the origin of roof leaks when they happen. The damage to the roof can be many feet away and hard to spot. A roofing expert knows what to look for. Roof leaks can be caused by missing or damaged roof shingles, bad flashing or seals around chimneys, vents, skylights, storm damage, or a roof that has worn out. Some of this damage can be affordably repaired and some things can not be so easily repaired.

When a Roof Needs Replacing

Some roofs are just worn out by years of sun and storms, heat and cold, and wind damage. The shingles lose their layer of grit and dry out and crack. Shingles may have gone missing and not been replaced. When it would cost as much or more to repair a roof as to replace it, it is time to replace the roof. A good roofer will help the homeowner decide what type of roofing will work best on the house.

If a storm has degraded the roof, insurance may pay for at least part of the cost. When roofs are older, insurance may not pay for the replacement but there are home improvement loans available to help. Some roofing companies have financing plans.

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