Would You Know Where, When & How To Use MB12 Marble Polish?

by | Jun 10, 2015 | Construction

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Obviously, the first thing you would need would be some marble. It is just possible that you are some sort of sculptor needing to polish one of your artistic creations but, it is far more likely that you have something like a marble floor or a marble basin that is in need of a restorative polish.

Nature rarely provides any rock with a lustrous sheen and shine yet when we use stone in our homes or business premises it is because of the appearance of the finished stone item. This appearance has been added to the quarried stone through much careful grinding, polishing, buffing and sealing. The result of which becomes not only a practical item but also a thing of beauty for your home or business.

Use MB-12 Stone Polishing Powder for Marble To Maintain And/Or Restore That Beauty

MB12 Marble Polish Powder comes under the category of stone care products some of which can be used on a do it yourself basis but many of the tools and products should only be used by trained professionals. In the context of this article, we are not looking at the large scale factory finishing of quarried or engineered stone. What we are concerned with is the restoration or renovation of stone surfaces that have seen use and been subjected to “fair wear and tear”. Products and tools that enable stone to be cleaned, preserved and restored to its full beauty.

Hand held rotary power tools and upright floor polishers are the main tools for this work along with specialist grinding, polishing and buffing pads. These will be used in conjunction with stone care products like cleaners and polishes (in either powder or paste form) before using sealers and enhancers to stabilize the effect. Adhesives and fillers may be required to restore badly damaged stone surfaces.

A marble polish needs mild chemicals to lift stains out of the stone without dissolving any of the marble plus abrasive particles that gently smooth the marble without scratching it. Proprietary mixes of chemicals like Aluminum Oxide, Potassium Oxalate, Shellac flakes, “Damar” resin and Citric Acid are commonly used as marble polish. For example, a company by name of MB Stone Pro offers their MB-12 Stone Polishing Powder for Marble using such a formula. For floors, a polishing machine with hog’s hair pads would normally be used and the MB12 Marble Polish powder sprinkled directly onto the floor with a slight spray of water to form a slurry; the results can even exceed the original factory luster.

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