6 Signs That Commercial Roofing in Topeka KS Needs Repair

by | May 9, 2016 | Roofing

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In many cases, it’s not necessary for a building owner to go up to the rooftop to determine the need for repairs on Commercial Roofing in Topeka KS. The rest of the structure can send signals that indicate the need for repair, or even a complete replacement. By recognizing the signs listed below, managers and property owners can prevent minor repairs from turning into costly roof replacements.

Moisture Issues

If the building’s roof isn’t watertight, moisture can cause trouble in its environmental control systems. Water staining on ceilings, high humidity and increased rodent and insect traffic can all indicate that water is getting in through the rooftop, soaking into the insulation and coming into the walls.

Rising Energy Costs

If a roof loses its reflective properties, the building’s cooling system will be forced to work harder to keep indoor temps comfortable. In some areas, the increased energy use is a significant drain on corporate finances, and it can mean that commercial roofing repair must happen sooner rather than later.


This sign must be seen from the rooftop, as bubbles in BUR (built up roofing) and single-ply roofing arise as moisture builds up under the topmost layer. Building owners can use the extent of the bubbling as an indicator of how much time is left; the more bubbling is present, the sooner commercial roof repair must take place.

Open Seams

Anytime there’s failure of the mechanical or chemical fasteners holding the roof’s seams together, water will get inside. When the seams no longer seal correctly, building owners should consider getting professional repairs on their Commercial Roofing in Topeka KS.

Drain Clogs

During the next downpour, the building owner should look at the downspouts. If the volume of the water coming out isn’t roughly the same as what’s coming down, there may be a clogged rooftop drain or pounding. Both of these are strong indicators of a need for commercial roof repair.

Failed Flashing

While the contractor is up on the roof, they will check the flashing at roof openings, level changes and parapets. If gaps are present, or if pieces of the flashing are missing, the contractor will recommend that repairs be made as soon as possible.

Not all signs of roof damage are as readily apparent as those listed above. However, if the building owner sees any of these indicators, they should call Mesler Exteriors to schedule a no-obligation inspection.

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