The Types of Damage that Require Siding Repairs in Philadelphia

by | May 2, 2016 | Roofing

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Siding does more than just add curb appeal. It is also the home’s protective coat against the weather, bugs and potential impact damage. Any compromise in the integrity of the siding will provide an opening for damage to occur. If any of these issues are spotted, the area will have to be repaired.

Puncture holes in the siding indicate an impact has occurred in the area. While the cause of these hold may never be determined, Siding Repairs in Philadelphia are needed. Depending on the size of the hole, several pieces will have to be replaced. Patching usually will not have the same type of weather protection and durability as replacement pieces. However if the holes are small, it might be possible to patch it.

Insects are a common cause of siding damage. Wood siding can be especially vulnerable to insect damage. Little pinpoint holes, sawdust around the foundation or little tubes are indicators of insect damage. Often, more damage is found on the inside of the siding than is seen on the outside. The full extent of the insect invasion can only be seen after all of the affected pieces are removed. These damaged pieces are no longer usable because their integrity has been compromised. Treatment for active nests will also have to be done prior to replacing the siding.

Water damage is another common cause of siding damage. Warping, discoloration, soft spots or mold on the siding are indicators of water penetration. The most likely cause is the deterioration of the water barrier behind the siding. Deep scratches will also allow water to intrude into the siding. The water barriers will have to be restored prior to replacing the siding. Additional intact pieces may have to be removed to determine the extent of damage and to ensure that the water-tight barrier is sealed correctly.

While siding is designed to be tough against the weather, there are some elements that can destroy the siding. Impact damage, insects, and water damage can contribute to the destruction of the siding. Visit the website if damage to the siding has been discovered. Repairs that are done quickly will prevent the additional damage from occurring.

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