A Roofing Contractor in Neenah Can Repair or Replace a Residential Roof

by | Oct 13, 2015 | Roofing Contractors

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A person’s home is usually their biggest financial investment. It provides shelter as they raise a family and, later, it becomes their nest egg. Keeping it in good shape is a wise financial strategy. Each spring, a homeowner should have a Roofing Contractor in Neenah inspect their roof and gutters. The roofing experts can look for any damage caused by harsh winter weather. They could find small problems such as loose flashing around a chimney or a missing shingle. Fixing these problems early can make the roof last as long as possible. It also protects the roof’s warranty.

However, even well-maintained roofs do eventually wear out and need to be replaced. The Roofing Contractor in Neenah will let the customer know when he starts to see signs that the roof is aging. This gives the homeowner time to prepare financially to replace the roof. It also gives them time to decide what kind of roof they want. The existing roof may be asphalt shingles. After years of fearing hailstorms and other extreme weather, the homeowner may want a stronger roof. They may also want a roof that lasts a long time. A metal roof will answer both of these concerns. While asphalt shingles last from 10 to 15 years, a metal roof is expected to last from 50 to 60 years.

Metal roofing materials used to come only in long sheets. While they were durable, they had a very commercial or industrial look to them. Roofing manufacturers realized that more homeowners would install metal roofs if they matched their home’s design. Therefore, they began making metal roofing materials that look like shingles or shakes. These also come in a variety of colors that will complement a variety of residential color schemes. Manufacturers were also careful to ensure that a residential metal roof would be quiet. They designed the surface of the metal shingle or shake to disperse the sound of rain falling on it. If the homeowner wants to further minimize the noise, he can install insulation underneath the metal roofing materials. Metal roofs also resist fire.

Roofing contractors are always willing to discuss these issues with customers. Business Name is one of the Wisconsin companies that people can contact to learn more about metal roofs or any other roofing material.

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