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Choosing the Right Exterior PVC Trim in Nassau County

The trim of a home’s exterior plays a big role in helping to enhance its curb appeal in the neighborhood. The appearance of window and door frames, soffits, and gutters are just as important as the siding of the home. Choosing the right way to highlight a home’s exterior look takes some planning, but a company specializing in Exterior PVC Trim in Nassau County can help.

Types of exterior trims

The kind of trim that looks best on a home depends on several things. The type of material used is one of the most important factors. Exterior trim generally comes in wood or a laminated wood veneer material, plastic polyurethane or PVC material, and a fiber-cement material called hardboard that is manufactured from wood chips. Each of these trims has its benefits and drawbacks.

Wood exterior trim can be made from woods that resist rotting and warping tendencies, while wood veneer is even more stable than wood itself as well as easy to use. Polyurethane and PVC trim is beneficial in cases when an intricate design is needed since it is easy to mold. These materials also take less work to make them ready to paint and install. Fiber-cement exterior trim materials are harder to work with than other types of trim materials, but they are the densest and most moisture-resistant of all.

Ways to coordinate exterior trim with a home

Making sure the exterior trim on a home works well with the siding is important no matter what material is used. There are some ways to help a home stand out without making the trim look too garish or completely mismatched.

Many homeowners like to paint the trim the same color as the siding. Others prefer to highlight the windows, doors, and other exterior trim by choosing a darker color for them. Trim can also be painted different shades of the same color on multi-story homes. Lighter shades on upper floors help give the home a less top-heavy feel. Gutters and downspouts can be hidden from view by painting them the same color as the siding.

Choosing the right exterior trim material and color is simple when working with experts who provide Exterior PVC Trim in Nassau County. Schedule an appointment with Lindstadt Seamless Gutters to get help in upgrading a home’s exterior appearance.

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