Common Signs That Your Home Requires Chimney Repair Services Bowie Specialists Can Offer

Chimneys are more complicated than they look, and keeping them well maintained is essential to retaining the value of your home and safeguarding the health of its inhabitants. In older homes with aging chimneys, particularly those that have been out of use for some time, problems are bound to occur. Issues with installation such as inadequate foundations and footings, or use of less durable materials in its construction, can cause dramatic deterioration over time. There are a few signs that indicate that you are in need of the Chimney Repair Services Bowie has to offer. If you notice any of these, the best course of action is to seek professional repair help immediately.

If you notice smoke or an odd smell in your home around your fireplace, immediate repairs are necessary. This is an indicator that your liner is not getting proper air flow to remove the fumes from your home. A damaged chimney liner is no joke; these fumes can be toxic to your health, and a damaged liner drastically increases the risk of house fire. Another indicator of the need for chimney repair services Bowie homes sometimes require that can be observed from inside of the home is damaged and discolored wall paper. Signs of water damage such as discoloration and peeling around the chimney or fireplace indicate leaks in the crown or the exterior chimney walls. Browse here for more information.

Damage to the exterior of your chimney is equally serious, although it may be less noticeable if you are not regularly inspecting the outside of your home. If you notice mortar damage or even missing bricks, this indicates the need for immediate repair. Without seeking professional repair help, you run the risk of incurring further water damage and, if left unattended long enough, could even see your chimney topple over completely. The crown at the top of your chimney is one final area that requires occasional observation. This can be a bit more challenging, but it is essential. Cracks in the crown will allow water to get into your chimney at the very top and cause damage all the way down.

If you notice these common signs, your home will require the chimney repair services Bowie companies can offer. Companies such as Reliable Roofers, Inc. in Bowie have years of experience and can help restore your chimney regardless of age or state of disrepair.

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