What to Consider Prior to Chimney Installation in Morris County, NJ

by | Aug 28, 2019 | Chimney

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Chimneys are used to vent wood-burning stoves and fireplaces. They used to be extremely commonplace, but today, wood heat has fallen out of favor among some homeowners. That doesn’t mean there aren’t compelling reasons to consider heating with wood, it just means that the home might need to be retrofitted for safe use of wood-burning appliances.

Whether they’re having new homes built to their specifications or they’re renovating their existing homes, property owners should prepare carefully for Chimney Installation in Morris County NJ. Read on to find out how to get started.

Correct Placement

The most important factor that homeowners need to consider when having a chimney installed in an existing home is its placement. Ideally, homeowners should place their chimneys inside of their homes, not on outside walls where they’ll be exposed to the elements and stack effect can prevent chimneys from operating optimally.

Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to place a chimney within the structure of an existing home. When in doubt, trust the installation contractor’s judgment about where the chimney should be placed.

Adequate Insulation

Adequate insulation is a must for all but purely decorative fireplaces and stoves. Ask the contractor what kind of insulation he or she recommends for the type of chimney being installed prior to Chimney Installation in Morris County NJ.

Safety Codes

Homeowners must follow strict building codes when having a chimney placed in their houses. These codes call for the installation of the correct chimney liner. Most contractors consider chimney liners to be the most important component of any chimney system, so ask for help with choosing the right liner to make sure that it will meet safety codes and provide adequate protection for the home.

Maintenance Needs

All chimneys require professional maintenance, including annual inspections and routine cleaning. Prepare to invest some time and money in keeping the chimney in good working order. Homeowners who can’t commit to maintaining their chimneys should reconsider whether they’re really ready to make the switch to wood heating.

Finding a Contractor

Homeowners should never attempt to install their own chimneys, nor should they hire contractors who aren’t fully licensed and insured. Not sure who to trust with chimney installation? Check out Construction online today to learn about one well-respected local company that can help.

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