Deciding Between an Overlay or Tear-Off for New Roofing in Overland Park KS

by | Apr 3, 2018 | Roofing

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For deteriorated roofs with one layer of shingles, homeowners usually have the choice of covering those shingles with another layer or completely replacing the shingles. Contractors who offer service for Roofing in Overland Park KS do both kinds of work.

The Main Advantage of Recovering

The main advantage of recovering old shingles is that it costs less. The structure must be strong enough to support two layers, and that is not a problem unless significant underlying roof damage has occurred to the wood deck. That can happen if leaks are not resolved for a long time and rotting has developed. Then contractors offering service for Roofing in Overland Park KS will advise customers that a tear-off is necessary.

Aesthetic Considerations

Removing the old shingles and adding new ones tends to look more aesthetically pleasing. Skilled contractors can cover old shingles without the work is very noticeable, but there won’t be the streamlined look of just one layer. Also, any flaws in the original placement will be more obvious. A slight ripple in the first layer will become more prominent when the overlay is in place.

Thinking About the Future

Another consideration would be how long the homeowners expect to stay in this place. If they plan to stay long enough that a complete replacement eventually will be needed, tearing off two layers of shingles at that time will cost more for both labor and disposal.

Why Three Layers Are Avoided

Adding a third set of shingles is nearly always avoided because it brings too much weight to the structure, greatly increasing the possibility of roof collapse. Even if the structure would seem safe at the time of installation, that safety could easily be compromised by heavy snowfall or someone needing to climb onto the roof to do repairs in the future. Also, building codes usually prohibit this.

Concluding Thoughts

A tear-off and shingle replacement will likely be the most expensive home improvement project the owners of the house ever schedule. It’s imperative to get more than one quote and to hire reputable contractors such as Preferred Roofing & Seamless Guttering.

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