Guide to Choosing Roofing Contractors in Louisville KY

by | Mar 29, 2018 | Roofing

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Kentucky homeowners hire contractors to install new roofs and repair existing roofs on their homes. It can be intimidating to research Roofing Contractors in Louisville KY. Homeowners can worry about whether the hired contractor will be skilled and deliver a quality product at the end of the project. Following these steps ahead of time can provide peace of mind that a quality roofing contractor has been hired for your roofing project.

Go with Reputation

Not all roofers are alike. Skilled roofers will bring the best overall value to a roofing project. Hiring a roofer company with an established history in the Louisville area can give confidence the roofer is committed to their trade and has a successful history of satisfied customers. Check out company reviews on such websites as Angie’s List, Google, or Yelp. Avoid companies with multiple negative customer reviews. Ask family, friends, or neighbors about companies they have used in the past, and about their experiences with those roofing companies.

Obtain Multiple Estimates

Request an estimate from a minimum of three highly-rated local roofing companies. Be sure to ask that the estimates are written, and include the costs for materials and labor, as well as the projected start and end dates for the project. Do not assume that the lowest priced estimate will be the best value. Carefully consider all factors when selecting a roofing company.

Verify Insurance

Reputable roofers carry sufficient general liability and worker’s compensation insurance coverage. A homeowner can be held personally liable if an accident occurs on their property and the contractor does not have adequate coverage. Verify their insurance coverage prior to hiring a roofing company to protect yourself from personal liability.

Contractor Warranties

Roofing materials manufacturers offer warranties on their roofing materials, however, those warranties can become void if the contractor makes an error during the installation process. Reputable contractors stand behind their work and offer warranties to their customers. Hiring a contractor who offers a warranty can provide peace of mind that the job will be done well, and if not, then the mistake will be corrected at no additional cost to the homeowner.

Roofing contractors are hired by homeowners to complete installation or repair projects on their homes. Homeowners can be sure they have hired the best Roofing Contractors in Louisville KY by taking time to obtain written estimates and asking the right questions ahead of time.

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