Everything You Need to Know About Shingle Roofing Repair in Louisville KY

by | Jul 11, 2017 | Roofing

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Shingles are membranes on which bitumen has been placed on both sides. Basically, what will change in the materials is the type of membrane used (organic or fiberglass,) and the thickness of bitumen applied to it. The more bitumen on the membrane, the longer the shingles will last… 25 to 40 years (manufacturer’s warranty). These things are very important when it comes to Roofing Repair in Louisville KY.

Re-roofing asphalt shingles: Instructions

The first thing to do is protect the surrounding land with tarpaulin. Climb onto the roof and remove the old shingle with flat shovels. It is crucial to understand that, if you are a novice to Roofing Repair in Louisville KY, you should be accompanied by another person. Never climb onto a roof alone. After that:

• Check the roof structure and repair it, if necessary.

• Check the attic’s ventilation and add to it, if necessary.

• Next, install ductwork and flashings (metal strips around the roof and surrounding vents/chimneys).

• Once that is done, install a roof protection membrane on the bottom of the roof (self-adhesive membrane, an elastic bituminous material in a roll). This is a very important step of the process.

• Lay felt/paper down (15 lbs.) on any remaining roof (this protects the roof temporarily during the repair/installation and also offers additional protection under the shingles).

• Start the installation of the new shingle (starting from the bottom and going up) and then finish by installing edge/ridge protection, etc.

• Lastly, cleaning up the area (often large magnets are used to collect nails that have fallen).

Cost of rebuilding an asphalt shingle roof

Homeowners can expect to pay between $3,500 and $4,500. Calculate around $2 per square foot (if there is no major glitch). It is much cheaper than a flat roof. What makes the price vary so much though?

Prices vary a lot because of the area to be repaired. If the home has a high slope (hard to walk on a steep slope, so the job may require scaffolding, which can double the price). The quality of materials used and the complexity of the roof (dormer windows, gables = more expensive) will also play a role in the final price tag. Contact Affordable Exterior for more information.

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